Telecommunication Sector Services

Specializing in the logistical problems associated with communication structure design and construction in isolated and remote areas. With a full complement, Haris & Co. can quickly mobilize equipment and personnel from start to finish. Haris & Co. is your answer to quality material, experience and support.

In the past four Years, Haris & Co. has installed 200 plus BTS Sites of Self Supporting/ Monopole Towers throughout Pakistan. Haris & Co. has fabricated 1600 Towers during the year 2004-2007.

The Integrated Tower Solution targets 3 main areas of the project:

  • Design interface during pre-contract planning phase.
  • Logistical support during the contract implementation phase.
  • Technical support during the contract implementation phase.

Design Interface Phase

First, we work with the customer during the design phase to agree on design parameters and produce economical and standardized modular concepts. Second is early approval of the design concepts, beginning the process of sourcing and production capacity and materials to be procured as per Client requirement. Third, we identify and agree on stock level for typical tower components. The last element of the Design Interface Phase is confirming with the customer the proposed rollout schedule. Currently Designing of Towers are done by following approved Consultants of Mobilink / Warid / Telenor.

  • Engineering Design Bureau, Lahore - EDB
  • Exponent Engineers, Lahore - EE

Logistical Support

Employing experienced personnel that will provide logistical support to maintain the minimum stock requirements during implementation is the heart of the Integrated Tower Solution. Trained personnel are responsible for quality and quantity checks of all materials arriving from the factory. On a site by site basis, the logistical support team issues appropriate tower packages for installation.

Technical Support

The times described below are used as a general reference. Timelines depend on the size of the job and location. We Target to meet the Schedule of Client Requirement.

  • Production: We have capability of Production of 500 Ton Steel per Month.
  • Site Build Out: We have capability of Handing over 30 Sites per Month.


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